Vals-e Noroozi by Ahmad Ashourpour & kamelia Dara

Vals-e Noroozi by Ahmad Ashourpour & kamelia Dara


Photo: kamelia Dara,

Ahmad Ashourpour Gilaki folk singer was born in 18th of Bahman 1296 in Ghaziyan, Bandar Anzali. He graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture, Tehran University in in Agricultural Engineering, and begun singing Gilaki songs amateurishly, but later in 1322 by help of “Abol-Hassan Saba” for performing some programs found his way to the radio, and between the years 1325 to 1327 and 1336 until 1338 cooperated with the radio.

artworks-000005645878-egrx5d-t500x500Ashourpour is accounted as Classical and folk singer that although he sings in Gilaki, but he studied music scientifically. Ahmad Ashourpour has collaborated with Morteza Mahjoubi, Hossein Tehrani and Ruhollah Khaleghi . In the early 80s his work was collected and along his memories was published in a book entitled “Aftab Kheezan, Darya Toufan”.

Ahmad Ashourpour famous Songwriter and folk singer of Gilan’s songs, died at age ninety on Sunday 22nd pf Dey 1386. Ashourpour with the knowledge of Western music, placed musical notes of waltz song along the folk songs which remains in the memories.

New performance of Vals-e Noroozi by kamelia Dara
Kamelia is a prodigy of today’s Persian Opera. Her voice has a warm timbre and a dark color. Born to a musically inclined family, she discovered her passion for singing at the tender age of five and with her father’s guidance.

Kamelia took her first music and voice lessons with Mrs. Mansoore Ghasri in Iran.In her teenage years, she was already on her quest to become a professional vocal artist. She performed and sang as a soloist in several musical halls and cultural centers in Tehran and Paris.

Kamelia left Iran in 2002 to pursue her studies in Austria where she was accepted at the Graz Johann-Joseph-Fux Conservatory to study under the guidance of prof. Schmaranz. Kamelia attended Graz’ University of Music and Dramatic Arts with Prof. Kania  in 2003  and continued her studies with Prof. Tom Sol. In 2010, she graduated with a Master degree  in vocal studies.

In 2005 Masterclass with Barbara Boney in France.In 2009 Master Class with Gabriele Lechner in Graz In summer 2009, Kamelia Dara won a scholarship from the State of Styria to participate in AIMS  (American Institute of Musical Studies).

Since 2005, participation in various opera projects in Austria, 2008-2009 concerts in Graz, Cadogan Hallin London and key Meek Centre in Vancouver. Centennail Theatre, Vancouver, Vienna Konzerthaus, Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco and in  Paris.

Her wide-ranging repertoire, she has repeatedly led to MASSES .Like “Great C minor ” Mass (Hyden), “B major” and “G major” Masses (Schubert), f moll messe Bruckner.

Artistic collaboration with the conductor Erwin Ortner, Nikolaus Harnoncourt (Styriarte), and Daniel Harding accompanied by the Chamber Orchestra of Europe.

She sang as the Role of Fox in the   opera ” The Cunning Little Vixen” by  LEOS JANACEK in Autumn  2009,The Role Lauretta in The Opera”giannis chichi” from Giacomo Puccini  in Winter 2010 In MUMUTH, Music Theater in Graz .

She will sing The role of MIMI in the Opera ” La bohem from Puccini in Summer 2011.