Tehran’s Historic Coffee shop” Naderi Café”

Tehran’s Historic Coffee shop” Naderi Café”


Source:Iran Review.org
By: Firouzeh Mirrazavi
Naderi café and hotel is the name of an old café in Tehran. Naderi café is located to the east of Hafez overpass along Naderi (the present-day Jomhouri-e Eslami) Avenue and is topped by a hotel.

Naderi café and hotel were built in 1927 by a Armenian immigrant called Khachik Madikians. It was named so because it was build along the then Naderi Avenue. The founder started his career in Tehran first with baking confectionaries and he used Naderi restaurant to introduce Iranians to European foods for the first time. Later on, he built another hotel with the same name close to Naderi café. After Grand Hotel, the Naderi Hotel was the second hotel to be built in Tehran.

Construction of Naderi café and hotel began in 1928 concurrent with the construction of the buildings of the Iranian railroad and a number of banks. It was build according to the Western, especially German, style as a place for entertainment. In addition to the café and hotel, the complex also included a confectionary shop.

At that time, the complex was known as Naderi hotel – restaurant, but later, due to special features and importance of its café, it was known as Naderi café. It was a place frequented by such dignitaries of the Iranian arts, literature and culture as Sadeq Hedayat, Bozorg-e Alavi, Mojtaba Minavi and many others who spent the nights there discussing various issues.

Naderi café is where the modern Iranian literature started to bud. The café had a big garden attached to it. In later years, the northern part of the garden was equipped with new tables and chairs. It was first used to host young people from bourgeois (capitalist) class. Before long, journalists and poets were gradually attracted to the café.

During the 1940s and 1950s, Naderi café was frequented by such intellectual figures as Sadeq Hedayat, Jalal-e Al-e Ahmad, Ahmad Fardid, Simin Daneshvar, and Nima Youshij, to whom the café owes a lot of its current fame.

Today, Naderi café is run by grandchildren of Khachik Madikians, who are current owners of Naderi hotel and café. Although the existing environment at Naderi café is very simpler than many other restaurants and cafés, it is always full of customers.